Call for Item Participants

UnCONventional welcomes everybody to 2012 with the publication of our list of programme items that we plan to offer as well as a matching draft timetable.

Now we need participants to make sure that they all happen. If the idea of being at the helm of or just helping out with any item takes your fancy, or if there’s something else you want to run, please let the ConCom know ASAP!

We are throwing this call out to everybody in an effort to be as inclusive as possible – anybody who wants to participate should be given the opportunity. Please take a look at what we want to run and see what takes your fancy. You don’t have to be an expert, just interested in a subject and be prepared to talk about it. Remember that you won’t be alone up there – panels, like the convention as a whole, are a cooperative endeavour. Even if you don’t have a specific panel in mind, but would like to have a go, drop us a line – we can find something that matches your interests.

Do you have something else you would like to run? We still have slots in the timetable for more items, so we would love to hear from you. But please let us know soon as we have a bunch of readings, signings, kaffeeklatches and gaming yet to be added.

You can contact us at or by using our volunteer form.


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