Fund-Raising Event: SF-themed Scavenger Hunt

The Great unCONventional Scavenger Hunt:

A Scavenger Hunt with a Sci-Fi / Fantasy Theme


DATE:         Thursday 22nd March

PLACE:       Sylvia Park


COST:          Adults: $10.00           At school: $5.00

Including a light meal at planet fall


Launch time:        6:30 pm           outside Countdown

Planet fall:               7:30 pm


The scavenger hunt will take place within the boundaries of the Sylvia Park.

You may work as Independent Traders (on your own), Planetary Observers (in pairs) or as a Galactic Corporation (groups of three or more).

There will be bonus points awarded to those who snap photos of the other teams – and those who are wearing their Cloaking Shields!




You may register on the night, but if you pre-register, it makes it easier for us to judge the amount of food to buy – and to gauge the level of interest.

See you there


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