Group Signing

We thought you would all like to know about our Group Signing event. This is a new item for NZ cons (did you see our name?!). In recent years we have had more and more writers attending the NZ natcon but it hasn’t been easy to arrange a way of making sure everybody gets a chance to see and buy their work and then chat to the author and get the work signed. There simply aren’t that many slots in a timetable.

But with a bit of inspiration from across the Tasman, we are giving our author members a chance to have a signing event as a group. If you are an author, come along and sign up then grab a spot at a table, stack up your books and tell the folks about yourself.

If you want to meet new authors, buy their books and so forth, come along to the event and have a browse. You will undoubtedly be surprised as to how many really fine local authors there are for you to meet.


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