“Zombie & Vampire Ball” – theme for the masquerade/cosplay

The regular masquerade/cosplay event at natcons will have a theme this year. At unCONventional, we give you the Zombie and Vampire Ball. Dress up to join the ranks of the undead and show off your style.

There will be a costume competition and that means prizes. The costume competition will not be restricted just to on-theme work – you have the full range of the universe to choose from if you so desire. If you have been working away on your fully functional Zaphod Beeblebrox second head costume, we so do want to see that.

There is a weapons policy for this convention. Please check with us if you plan to use something that could be construed as a weapon (use the good old “could I walk into a bank with this” check).

We know that not everybody likes to dress up in costume finery. That is cool too – please come along, you won’t be alone. If it helps in the concept of the theme, you are dressed as “prey”.


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