Here’s a brief intro to the contests we are running this year (subject to enough entries received).

More info posted soon.

All contests close 9pm on Tuesday 29 May.
You have to be a member of unCONventional to enter these contests.

email address for all contests:

Winners will be announced at the convention.

Art / Photo Contest

Calling the many talented artists in fandom!  We know you’re out there, so how about letting others see your work?   Get it to us early enough and you may see your artwork on the cover of the con book (with your permission of course).


Fanvid Contest

Show off your creative editing techniques at the same time as you are showcasing clips of your favourite movies and TV series.  You may even see it played at the opening ceremony.

Drabble Contest

What is a drabble?  A drabble is a short (very short) and carefully constructed story.  A drabble has one hundred words to tell that story – not a word more and not a word less.  This year, the theme of the drabble should be inspired by something unconventional, or perhaps an everyday mundane event with a twist at the end.

Short Story Contest

Yes: we know the definition of short story (length) varies with each contest or writer, therefore we have decided to be rather flexible and set the length as between 5000 and 8000 words.

This year, just like the drabble, the short story should be inspired by something unconventional, or perhaps an everyday mundane event with a twist at the end.

60-Second Sound Bite Challenge

Calling all movie buffs!  Your challenge is to create a 60 second conversation made up mostly by quoting from Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies / TV series.  All quotes must be fully acknowledged.

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  • martiandreaming

    Want to enter the Sound Bite Challege? Stuck for inspiration?
    Here’s a couple of (partial) examples – you get the idea!

    “Smoke me a kipper. I’ll be back for breakfast” (Red Dwarf)
    “Make it so.” (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
    “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” (Star Wars: A New Hope)
    “How bad can it be..?”

    “He’s dead Jim.” (Star Trek)
    So, “Who ya gonna call?” (Ghost Busters)
    “Ghost Busters!” (Ghost Busters)
    “Despatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body” (Flash Gordon)
    “I can’t let you do that Dave.” (2001)

    “Oh my God: it’s full of stars!” (2001)
    “The universe is big. Mind-bogglingly big.” (HH Guide to the Galaxy)
    “Is it for real, or just all in my mind?” (Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century: Theme)

    Cut and paste the sentence snippets from the original sources if you can – we would like to hear your inspiration! In all cases, remember to include a printout of your 60-second Sound Bite Challenge.

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