FFANZ Winner – Edwina Harvey

Edwina Harvey has been unanimously voted to be the Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand (FFANZ). This means she will be traveling from Australia to attend unCONventional. Here is some more info about Edwina:

Author of YA SF novel, The Whale’s Tale. (available through peggybrightbooks.com and as an e-book through Wizard’s Tower Books: www.wizardstowerbooks.com)

Ceramic and Silk artist. See the Celestial Cobbler site: www.celestialcobbler.com

Editor and Ad Girl for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. (www.andromedaspaceways.com)

For Edwina’s view on this strange planet see: edsed.livejournal.com

Oh yes and she will be launching a book at unCONventional!

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