Updated Auction Information

“unCONventional will be accepting all high value items for sale via “silent auction”. By high value, we mean items with a reserve of at least $50. The deadline for registering auction items is 9pm Thursday 31 May. We will not be able to accept late registrations.
Please supply the following for each item registered:
– Your name
– Title and brief description of the item
– Any reserve price (minimum of $50)
– A clear photo of the item

The fine print.

1. Items for display (i.e. photo) must be handed in to the registration desk by 10am on Saturday at the very latest.

2.Please note that all care will be taken to protect the items, but unCONventional will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the items.

3. We require a clear colour picture of each item.

4. You may specify a reserve price. The item will not be sold until this price is

5. Items may not be withdrawn from the auction without the agreement of the
ConCom. unCONventional reserve the right to charge a $5 withdrawal fee.

6. Withdrawal fees will not be charged items which did not meet reserve price.

7. Payment will be available from 11am Monday.

8. unCONventional will charge a fee for each successful auction: $5, or 10% of
the winning bid, whichever is the greater.

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