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Sir Julius Vogel Awards

A reminder to everybody that the New Zealand National SF/F/H awards are being presented at unCONventional. These awards are named for Sir Julius Vogel who was was a Prime Minister of New Zealand, and in 1889 wrote what was probably the first full length Science Fiction novel by a New Zealander.

The awards are being presented on Sunday evening. All full & supporting members of unCONventional are eligible to vote in the awards. Voting closes at midday on the day of the awards (Sunday). Voting forms will be available at the convention as will samples of the work of the various nominees.

You can find the full list of nominees over at the SFFANZ site.

Nominees and their supporters (partners, friends, publishers) who are not convention members are welcome to attend the awards ceremony. However we would appreciate it if you are planning to attend in this context to just drop us a line so we can let our security staff know.

Updated Auction Information

“unCONventional will be accepting all high value items for sale via “silent auction”. By high value, we mean items with a reserve of at least $50. The deadline for registering auction items is 9pm Thursday 31 May. We will not be able to accept late registrations.
Please supply the following for each item registered:
– Your name
– Title and brief description of the item
– Any reserve price (minimum of $50)
– A clear photo of the item

The fine print.

1. Items for display (i.e. photo) must be handed in to the registration desk by 10am on Saturday at the very latest.

2.Please note that all care will be taken to protect the items, but unCONventional will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the items.

3. We require a clear colour picture of each item.

4. You may specify a reserve price. The item will not be sold until this price is

5. Items may not be withdrawn from the auction without the agreement of the
ConCom. unCONventional reserve the right to charge a $5 withdrawal fee.

6. Withdrawal fees will not be charged items which did not meet reserve price.

7. Payment will be available from 11am Monday.

8. unCONventional will charge a fee for each successful auction: $5, or 10% of
the winning bid, whichever is the greater.

Newsletter #3

We have made a final Newletter update to all members. You can read it here.

newsletter 3

Newsletter #2

We have sent a newsletter out to all members. You can ready the contents attached here as well…

Newsletter 2
May Con Angels
unCONventional poster


We are taking orders for con t-shirts.
Click here for sizing and other useful information.


Trudi Canavan workshop – only two places left

A reminder to you all that our guest of honour Trudi Canavan will be running a short (2 hour) writers workshop called “That Got Your Attention”. There are only two places left on the workshop which is open to full convention members (at no extra fee). More info here.

EDIT – Sorry – full up now.

Best accommodation deal – must buy before 9pm today

Check out this link.
The deal is only available if you purchase it before 9pm.
It is valid for use during Queen’s Birthday Weekend – that’s the weekend of the con!

This is a BETTER DEAL THAN BOOKING DIRECTLY with the Surrey Hotel and using the unCONventional discount code.
Same dollar value, but you also get a free drink and a $20 food credit.

Using Facebook to arrange stuff for the con

Just a reminder to everybody that we are happy if you want to use our facebook wall to post general cooperation or offer requests ralating to the con.

Examples of the type of thing we are thinking about include – offers/requests for transport from the airport or possibly requests to share a taxi. Offers of accommodation by people or room-share requests. Perhaps you need somebody to help you cart all your floating market haul for you.

You get the idea – go for it.

The Auction

In keeping with the spirit of the name of this convention, unCONventional has decided not to hold the traditional auction item this year. Instead the Floating Market time has been extended to give buyers and sellers more time to trade.

If we receive any high value items to sell (for example. remember the Weta Figurines last year) then these will sold using a blind auction process during the convention. If you don’t know what a blind auction process is, just think Trademe – same thing really. We do think this is fairer as it gives everybody a shot at bidding on items.

Fund-Raising Event: SF-themed Scavenger Hunt

The Great unCONventional Scavenger Hunt:

A Scavenger Hunt with a Sci-Fi / Fantasy Theme


DATE:         Thursday 22nd March

PLACE:       Sylvia Park


COST:          Adults: $10.00           At school: $5.00

Including a light meal at planet fall


Launch time:        6:30 pm           outside Countdown

Planet fall:               7:30 pm


The scavenger hunt will take place within the boundaries of the Sylvia Park.

You may work as Independent Traders (on your own), Planetary Observers (in pairs) or as a Galactic Corporation (groups of three or more).

There will be bonus points awarded to those who snap photos of the other teams – and those who are wearing their Cloaking Shields!




You may register on the night, but if you pre-register, it makes it easier for us to judge the amount of food to buy – and to gauge the level of interest.

See you there